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Provides you with the Best Building Envelope System that eliminates heat loss, stops air movement, and controls moisture better than any other method.


Your home will be comfortable all year round…cool in summer, warm in winter with low heating costs which is important for our Alberta winters. It also means you will have superior sound characteristics. This system reduces heating costs by eliminating un-necessary air infiltration and providing a wall structure without thermal bridging.

Some comments I have had from other people is they say my house seems a lot more
Solid than other homes they have looked at. One interesting comment I got was from the
People who installed the drywall, they said it was the best framed house they had seen in the last year.
Jay, 2009


Patented Design

The Thermal Lock Wall Insulation System consists of a factory molded panel of insulation with interlocking joints. The Thermal Lock Wall is first laid down and locked together by the joints.


The resulting large panels acts as a framing table into which the studs and the top plate are then fitted. The bottom and top plates are then nailed to the studs.

Interior Wall

The studs project 2” beyond the Thermal Lock Wall on the interior face.
This cavity allows room for wiring and mechanical services to run between the Thermal Lock Wall and interior finish.


The Thermal Lock Wall is dimensionally stable (even in wet weather). Hence when used as a framing table there is no longer a need for measuring of stud spacing or squaring of the finished wall. Doors and windows are framed as in conventional framing with the Thermal Lock Wall cut to fit as necessary.


  1. NO THERMAL BRIDGING: Foam wrapped-wood studs with Interlocking panels virtually eliminate air infiltration through the walls (convective heat-loss). The structure is covered by a minimum of 2” of insulation from the top of the I.C.F. (Insulated Concrete Form) foundation to the underside of the roof trusses (conductive heat-loss).
  2. NO COLD SPOTS: A full insulation panel is intact behind each header & footer of all doors & windows creating a fully insulated area.These are areas of not only radiative, conductive and convective heat loss as well as water infiltration.
  3. CODE COMPLIANCE: R-24 value in every wall. **Complies with current local and national building codes. Plumbing located on an exterior wall has the benefit of a full panel thickness of Thermal Lock Wall between it and the cold exterior.
  4. QUICK ON-SITE ASSEMBLY: No measuring stud centers required, they simply fit into the wall every 16”. Only 3 Thermal Lock components required for normal construction. The Wall sections can also be prefabricated off site and shipped to the construction.
  5. ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE: The Thermal Lock Wall contains NO chlorofluorocarbons.

** Up to date with the new energy codes that came into effect May 2016.

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